The Covid19 crisis is hitting hard the real estate industry, not only in Australia, where we are based, but also all around the world, as we can see with some of our partners and customers worldwide. In many countries, there are more and more restrictions. No more inspections, open houses and auctions.

At, we are dedicated to help you do more business during those tough times, and stand out from your competitors. Virtual Inspections and Virtual Tours are a must now, and here are some reasons why.

Take Care of Your Teams and Customers

As you have heard everywhere, this crisis will be managed if we all take care of each other. So the first reason to do virtual tours and inspections is to take care of yourself, your team and your customers. Don’t spread the virus, and #stayhome.

Respect Social Distancing Measures

To produce a virtual tour or inspection, most is done online, through our services here, and the offline part, photoshooting the property, can be done quickly and with a minimum amount of people, all respecting social distancing measures. Contact us if you want us to do it for you, in or around Brisbane or Sydney.

Get More Data During Inspections

When you do physical tours and inspections, you don’t get a lot of data. While here, you can get much more. How many times users accessed it, when, how long, which rooms, etc… Based on different surveys, the average time on a virtual tour is around two and a half minutes. Which is faster than a real tour, it saves a lot of time and money for everyone, while visiting the same rooms.

Get More Traffic

Easier to access, as it is online, so you will get much more visitors than on a real inspection or open home.

Get More Buyers

More traffic meaning more potential buyers. You can have buyers from other states and cities visiting the property, which is totally impossible on open homes. Interested parties could still come later on to physically inspect it. Research by Redfin shows that 35% of buyers in 2017 made a sight-unseen offer, up from 19% observed in 2016. 45% of millennial buyers made a sight-unseen offer on a home, higher than Generation X (28%) and baby boomers (6%), and 20% of all sight-unseen offers resulted in a home purchase. Think about it!

Easier To Promote & Market

You can market it easily on your social medias, on your website, by email, whatsapp or SMS. Much faster, much easier and much cheaper. Use tools such as Facebook live or Facebook 360 Photos to show the property, people can see it from the comfort of their homes, sofas or beds, while being able to comment, ask questions, and sharing it with others.

Save Time & Money

No more physical inspection, no time to invite potential viewers, anyone can see it anytime, everyone including you the agent or agency is saving precious money and time.

Good for the Planet

All of this without driving to the property, loosing precious time again, consuming petrol to get there, etc… Good for you, good for the planet as well.

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