Presenting your property well is as important as good photography. A photograph will often be the first impression a potential buyer will have of your property, and it can influence their decision wether to view it or not.

  • Lights: This seems obvious, but make sure the photos are good quality. If you decide to photograph it yourself, make sure that the house is well lit by natural or electric light. A property photographed late in the evening with interior lights on can be dazzling
  • Keep your photos clean: Your photos should always be well framed. Make sure that garbage / dishes / dirty dishes / suspended wires are out of sight before taking the picture. Remove all objects that appear to clutter or clutter cramp spaces.
  • From shooting to emotion: In addition to documenting the best features of your property, people like to see a variety of indoor and outdoor shots. Not including photos of the interior can be very disconcerting.
  • Don’t be too difficult: Use photography to enhance your property, not to distort it. You can attract more people to your open house with photos that create the illusion of space or be autonomous instead of being paired, but they will be discouraged when they see that they have been misled.
  • Get help: For such a large sale, always consider the benefits of using the services of a professional photographer – they will make sure your property is at its best to help you get the best possible result.

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