Advantages of Virtual Staging

Buying a home is a huge investment for most people. They think about this decision for a long time. To adequately capture the buyer’s attention, a seller must appeal to the buyer’s imagination. That’s why many sellers place furnishings in a home they want to see. This appeals to the imagination of the buyer. They imagine how the home will look like when they move in. How everything fits in place. They also get a feel of how big the rooms are. Traditionally sellers have hired furnishings to stage a home. The hassles involved in bringing in the furniture and getting it out was just too much, however the game has changed with the introduction of virtual furniture. Some of the benefits of virtual furniture include:

1. More sales

Home buyers are more likely to buy a home that was virtually staged that one which was vacant or one which was physically staged. This is according to a survey done in 2018. There are several explanations for this. One is that virtually staged photos are more likely to attracts their attention to the real estate listing. Secondly, it vividly captures their imagination and aspirations. Well placed bookshelves, sofas, modern décor, accessories will definitely attract a potential home buyer. When you appeal to the imagination of a buyer, chances are very high that you’ll make the sale.

2. Buyers get a realistic preview of the home

Most buyers nowadays begin their search for a home online. To get interested in your listing, they have to see some photos of your home. With virtual staging, realistically staged photos will make sure the buyer gets a preview of the home. They’ll be able to see all the rooms, and all get a feel for the home. They’ll visualize themselves living there. They can even start dreaming about where to place some of their accessories. This is what virtual staging aims for. Unlike traditional staging, virtual staging will employ all modern furnishings and décor that will surely excite a potential buyer. The modern buyer is highly sophisticated and knows what they want.

3. Cost effective

Compared to actual staging, virtual staging is much more cost effective. It can actually save you thousands of dollars. Actual staging involves hiring a stager and furniture for the home, and then renting the furniture for the duration that the home stays vacant which can cost you $$$.

4. Less hassle and less time involved

Virtual staging saves time. It is much faster to have a digital editor place furnishing in a home. Compare this to finding a stager, hiring furniture, transporting it to your home, making all the arrangements all for the same result. Virtual staging can happen as fast as you want it. You can take photos and have your home staged within 24 hours with

5. Target specific demographics.

Virtual staging helps target specific markets by appealing to what is most important to them. By choice of décor and furniture, you may appeal to one demographic over another. You can then change the photos to appeal to another demographic. Depending on where you are adverting, you can target specific markets quite easily by understanding what they want. The virtual staging editor will fill your home with furniture that will appeal to different buyers.

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