Most home buyers will appreciate a floor plan of your home immensely.

Before a potential buyer visits the property, a floor plan helps them to understand how the property flows and if the spaces will work for them. After seeing the house, a plan will help them remember the layout, and they can map out their belongings and furniture in the home.

How to create floor plans
Take accurate measurements of the home and create a plan with room dimensions and property size.
Choose a plan that will highlight the unique features of the property.

Which plan should you choose?
Keep it simple; a basic plan in black and white will be sufficient; however, colors and textures to show decking or tiles, for example, are excellent ways to enhance the floor plan.
You can also add furnishings to any plan to stimulate a buyer’s imagination.

A site plan featuring the house floor plan, in relation to the garden and outbuildings, is a great way to show a large property, and its potential for sub-dividing or adding dwellings.
You may also want to consider 3D artists who can create realistic impressions of a home, using special software.
An online interactive floor plan is ideal for combining photos and floor plans. Symbols on the plan can show the angle from which a photograph was taken, making it easy to ‘move’ through the house by clicking on each image.

Floor plans can bring a property to life

If someone is interested in buying your property but live out of town, a floor plan will let them view the property from wherever they are. provides a floor plan drawing service for your real estate listings. Simply upload a sketch or the blueprints to your property and we will convert it to a stunning floor plan within 24 hours.

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