Having proper and easily accessible floor plans really makes it easier for buyers. Floor plans can easily make a listing stand out and attract more investors. In fact, even the property will be sold a lot quicker.

A survey of property sellers proved that around 88 percent agreed that floor plans are really necessary and especially when someone is looking to buy a property. Here are a few reasons as to why floor plans are necessary for simpler decision making and a great real estate sale.

Visualize the property in a better way

If a property does not have floor plans, there are high chances that there won’t be sufficient inquiries. The property description alone doesn’t provide sufficient details about the space, measurements, windows, and other elements of the real estate. Moreover, floor plans can help in providing unique features such as extensions and knock-through. This can be really beneficial for the buyers and can impact their decision.

Less wasted time

A floor plan doesn’t make the buyer go through long descriptions. These plans provide a clearer idea about the property before an investor checks it out himself. Floor plans and photos connect with each other and provide a great visual about the property that you are interested in.

There won’t be any surprises either. When you check out the floor plans properly, the chances of coming across some nasty surprises will decrease significantly. A clean and well-constructed floor plan can give a great idea about the size of the real estate and the different elements included in it.

Professional photos along with floor plans

There is no better combination than floor plans and professional photos. It is the closest that you can come to check out the property in person. Sales representatives and owners can go for a 3D panoramic virtual tour or 360 virtual stagings along with various other options to enhance the sales of your property.

Choose from our wide range of services mentioned here and get the ideal package as per your requirements. You will certainly see a great boost in the inquiries and sales of the property.

How PropertyRender.com can help you?

You have sketches, drafts, bad quality floor plans, we can assist you with our 2D & 3D floor plan design studio! Just send us the pictures you have, with the measures, we will take care of the rest. Starts from AU$25 per floor plan! And as we already explained in a previous post, this can drastically fasten your property sale! If you are a real estate portal, offer this service to your customers.


So, the next time you are interested in the property, check out the floor plans and the images first. The floor plans will provide you a great and clearer idea about the real estate investment that you are considering. And, as for buyers, try to include detailed and a variety of floor plans to make it simpler for the investors.

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