With the COVID-19 situation in Australia and around the world, the real estate market has to adapt to temporary legislations, halt of activities and other disruptions. In Australia for examples, most properties were sold during auctions on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and with the more restrictive social distancing measures, these events are now stopped for a while, maybe up to 6 months from now. In other countries like in Europe, where lockdown measures are in place, visits are not possible anymore, so the market is completely frozen.

But amidst this uncertainty and these extraordinary measures, we know that things we be solved in the next few months, and activity will be back to normal, with even some more business, due to this previously frozen activity.

That’s why real estate agents and agencies has to adapt and disrupt their way of doing business, maintain the relationship and continue the discussions with their existing leads and customers, while getting ready to face the surge of activity in the upcoming months. And for that, most of the services that PropertyRender.com are offering are perfect for the situation.

Here is a list of tips we have identified, to keep your agency doing business in these complicated times.

Include detailed floor plans

Floor plans, either they are in 2D or 3D, are essentials for potential buyers to have a precise idea on the room dimensions, the property volumes, etc… As we already explained in a previous article, floor plans are essentials, but even more in these COVID-19 times. PropertyRender.com offers professional services for 2D floor plans and 3D floor plans. Just send your drafts, blue prints, and we’ll do the rest!

Virtual tours of your property

We’re all on Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp during these times, to catchup with the family or work with teams, so why not using more and more virtual tours? It’s simple, affordable, easy to do, and potential buyers can visit the property in 360, moving around as they wish, looking at every detail in every room. We can enhance your virtual tours and 360 pictures so it looks perfect!

Virtual stage your rooms

As we discussed also previously, empty rooms don’t sell, and during these COVID-19 times, obviously you can’t use home staging professional solutions. So get used with virtual staging, which is simple, really cost effective, and you can choose within millions of furniture items! We have solutions for that too! And that can be done for commercial properties too.

Make your property looks perfect

Declutter spaces, do some virtual renovation and make your rooms look as perfect as possible, while still being transparent on the potential issues or if it is virtual or real. Same, we have services for that, specially to declutter photos of your rooms.

Over communicate rather than stay silent on issues

Potential buyers will be really picky on the properties they will want to inspect at some point, so be very transparent about your property, of course the positive aspects but also the negative ones. The more detailed properties will be the ones attracting the most potential interest and buyers.

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