One of the most common reasons why some properties don’t sell is that they look too vacant and unappealing. Empty homes look dull, bare, and even though they could make potentially good homes, they are left out. But since the advent of the advanced tools that virtual staging has brought in, the complete scenario has changed.

Realtors finally have an affordable tool to enhance the appeal of a house to showcase its true potential.

Why realtors should use virtual staging to boost their business

Following are the reasons to consider virtual staging for Real Estate business:

1. Affordability
Traditional staging or actual staging requires actual enhancements and instalments that can take quite a lot of time, requires a lot of manual work, people coming to your place, moving furnitures in and out, etc. These are costly, and to enhance the appeal of the property, it should be professionally designed. Virtual staging eliminates the need to make physical enhancements to the property, thereby saving a substantial amount of time and money. Also, it is way more effective and cuts down the costs by up to 97%!

2. Enhancements
Virtual staging requires professionals to take pictures of the vacant areas from different angles to showcase their true potential. This way, they can combine objects, furniture, installations, lights, effects, etc., to make the room look lively. They produce images that are digitally enhanced with multiple lights and other effects to increase the appeal of the property.

3. Quick sales
A virtually staged property will catch a lot more eyeballs than the vacant ones. This will enable the buyers to visualize the potential of the home easily, which they otherwise find difficult. Virtual staging has the power of driving in sales by connecting to the audience better. Thus, a lot more clients will be interested in checking out the property and sealing the deal.

4. Display of true potential
Vacant property has spaces that can be used or renovated in innovative and appealing ways. However, normally buyers are unable to visualize the possibilities at hand. This is why visual staging can showcase endless transformation and possibilities of the same place. Also, it will allow clients to see through the versatility and the true potential of the property.

5. Custom design
Custom designing on a single property can target multiple audiences. The endless enhancements and effects that virtual staging provides can be used in a variety of forms. You can turn a place into an office, a home, or even a classroom to show its versatility. Thus, it allows you to target a specific audience and boost your sales.

6. Show different styles
You can also show some of the rooms with different styles, to allow the potential buyers to see it with a preferred style. At AU$35 per room, you can have 3 or 4 styles for the main rooms like living rooms, bedrooms or dining rooms, to show the property with different choices! It will still cost you 90% less than with traditional home staging!

7. Health safety during covid19
You don’t want to have to many people coming in and out of your place, specially with what we have seen with covid19 and other pandemics or health issues. Virtual staging is instant, fast, and does not involve anyone else than the photographer on site, and you could be the photographer!

Virtual staging is the most versatile and affordable marketing tool available for realtors. It can turn a neglected property into a best seller in no time. So, if you are planning to hire virtual staging, look for our residential and commercial real estate offers!

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