You’re planning to sell your home, but first want to remodel. Here’s how you measure and draw a plan to scale so that you can prepare adequately.

Decide how accurate it must be
If you’re a property appraiser or real estate agent, there’s no need for painstaking accuracy. You can measure within the nearest quarter- or even half-foot of the outside walls to give your potential buyers the chance to draw in their furniture or get a ‘feel’ for the size.

When planning for interior remodeling, such as a kitchen – you must be more precise. When you’re hiring a contractor, you can provide ‘close enough’ measurements. But if you’re doing the work, be exceedingly precise and measure to the nearest 1/16 inch.

Measure the Perimeter
If you’re taking exterior measurements, observe the outside of the building. Draw a rough outline for a good visual starting point.
Start by measuring the longest wall first – measure from corner to corner and repeat for the other walls.

Depending on the unit of measurement you’re using (i.e. US/Imperial) don’t use a combination of units. Use decimals – not fractions – for example, 126.50 inches – it keeps the maths simple.
Always double-check your measurements

Doors and Windows
Measure the distance between the corner and door opening. (Note it in the drawing). Now, measure the door width, make a note of direction that the door swings (show it in an arc). Don’t forget to measure the width of trim or casings and note it in the drawing.

Measure all windows from the edge of the frame. Perhaps measure the window heights and each distance from floor as well as the ceiling.

Other Features
Measure all other fixed features such as cabinets, fireplaces, and built-in bookcases.

It’s prudent to locate and measure outlets and switches, circuit boxes, thermostats, heating and cooling touch pads, radiators and whatever’s relevant.

Drawing a Floor Plan to Scale
Once you’re satisfied with the dimensions and sketch, it’s time to upload your blueprints to and have your floor plan converted to a 3D model for your property listing.

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