It is remarkable that there are currently so many homes for sale, and even more so when you consider the increase in prices! But is it smart to sell your house in such an active market?
Realize that selling your home will still be challenging if you don’t impress potential buyers. Read on to discover what puts most buyers off:

Unrealistic price
Don’t be deceived into thinking your home will fetch the same sky-high price your neighbor’s recently did. Every house has its value-adds but be realistic about what yours offers.

Neglecting to clean
You only have one chance to make a great impression. Dirty dishes in the sink, dust, untidy rooms or bad odors will simply not do. Maintenance issues like broken light fixtures or cracking paint will certainly scare people away.

The idea is to help potential buyers imagine living in your home. Provide a clean palette where they can picture their own possessions in the house. Consider repainting brightly colored rooms and pack away family photos and personal artwork.

High-maintenance features
You may feel your massive pool or jacuzzi should add to the value of your home. However, not everyone has the budget to maintain expensive features and expecting them to pay more for a home with luxuries they may not even want, is just unrealistic.

It’s not okay if some things don’t work
Many homeowners are accustomed to ‘little things’ being on the fritz, such as a faulty aircon, finicky water heater or a crack in the bathroom window. If you want realistic offers, don’t expect a potential new owner to buy the small irritations you’ve learned to live with. Buyers will consider the cost of repairs and deduct that from their offer.

Nothing more memorable than a smell
We quickly become accustomed to the unique odors in our homes. However, a potential buyer may detect something ‘off’ that will also put them off making an offer! Ask someone you trust to give you an honest opinion and set it right immediately. Don’t go too far overboard with polishes and sprays either.

Animals may act bizarrely when strangers enter ‘their’ home. Some viewers may not like animals or even be allergic. It’s prudent to make arrangements so that no pets are home when potential buyers come by.

Take a fresh look
It’s advisable to look at your space as a stranger would. It should show you take pride in your home, that you do maintenance and clean regularly. Remove your personal items so that the buyer can imagine living there and enjoy your special belongings when you move into your new home.

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