You don’t have to be a professional videographer to boost your online listings. You can get great results with minimal investment by using your smartphone! Pay attention to the following tips:

During your walkthrough of the property, take notes and decide on what you’ll focus on. Sketch a plan to ‘walk’ buyers through the home, focusing on its best features.
Use your smartphone to create a ‘visual story,’ especially when the property has an expansive open plan living area or high ceilings, excellent views or a lovely swimming pool. Large spaces benefit more from videos than photos. Use photographs for smaller rooms that don’t require video but always shoot photos and videos horizontally.

Shaky Pictures
It will be tricky to shoot a stable video while holding your phone. Try tucking your elbows in and keeping the phone close to your chest for more stable shots.

As far as possible, shoot on sunny days and avoid backlighting and harsh, direct light. When shooting indoors, add lots of light using windows, interior lighting and lamps. You’d be prudent to keep the lighting consistent in all shots.

Charge the Battery
Don’t be caught off guard. Charging your phone’s battery is imperative. Packing a car charger or back-up battery is advisable.

Enough space
Remember to check available storage on your phone. Nothing is more frustrating than running out of storage for your videos during a shoot.

Tell a story
After the shoot, upload the video footage to and we can process your files to generate a professionally-edited video.

Share it!
The whole point of the exercise is to get the word out, so share your videos! You can share via social media or use automation software.

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