Most real estate agents for high-end homes say they use the best professional photography. However, just paying for photos does not make them ‘professional’. Did you know that property listings with professional photos get higher prices? Besides, but they sell quicker–and this applies to all homes priced at $200,000 and above.

92 percent of homebuyers use the Internet to search for a new home, and that makes listing photos critical. Pictures determine the selling price, how quickly the property sells and if it even it sells at all. Could it be that the single most vital factor in selling a home is professional photography?

Remember that emotion is the primary trigger of the well-heeled buyer, and a great image can do all the sales talk for you.

1. Art direction
You don’t need as many images as you need the right ones, and it isn’t photos of the toilets. This photoshoot included an art director who decided which pictures were the best.

2. Staged photography
An empty home elicits no emotion, but a cluttered one creates feelings you don’t need. If your home is vacant, consider hiring a staging crew. Remember; emotion is the deciding factor, and potential buyers want to imagine themselves living in the house. A home stylist will set up all rooms for the perfect impression by adding props and removing personal items.

3. Getting the right angles
In photography, lighting and angles are everything and a great photographer will depict each room beautifully by mastering these aspects. Shooting with a tripod, at the right level and by adding light where needed will ensure that your home looks utterly desirable.

4. Planning
The setup and time of day the shoot happens are critical. The art director and photographer must scout your property before the shoot to explore all angles.

5. Creating the perfect composition
The photographer will decide on the details of the shoot. They will choose the elements and where to focus.

6. Post-production
Post-production is an art. The photographer will select which picture to enhance. After optimizing the color, they edit the photos ensuring that sky, trees, home and grass are perfect. This step is where they touch up brown patches of grass and paintwork. Remember, a homebuyer won’t be interested in why they love a photo; they will only know that they do. Offering a home seller professional photography has terrific value for everyone involved.

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