The 6 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Every year, new digital marketing trends emerge, old ones become more refined, customers get more sophisticated. It’s your job as an entrepreneur to keep up with the latest trends. Don’t hang on to what worked for you previously, it may not work in the future. Attracting new customers and keeping old ones is the essence of your business. To stay ahead of the competition, you have to adapt to new trends. To grow your business, you can no longer rely on a single marketing funnel.

The goal of digital marketing is to drive sales. To do so, you have to capture your audience’s attention and keep it. This will happen by building trust and intimacy with your audience which will enable you to convince them that you are the best choice. Any new digital marketing trend will help you achieve this by pointing out where the attention of the audience is. I have listed 6 digital marketing trends you should watch out for.

How Relevant are your Leads

There was a time when the most leads or the most number of emails would do it for you. It is no longer the case in 2019. The point now is relevancy. How relevant are your leads? As we observed earlier, customers get more sophisticated each year, they crave for more relevance and intimacy. Relevancy is all about creating the right solution to the right people at the right time. To increase your profits this year and have a better ROI, aim for at building greater relevancy to your leads.

Focus on Capturing the Right Attention

If you have to get leads and eventually convert them, you have to capture the attention of your audience. This is getting harder and harder due to the numerous messages that consumers get bombarded with. Capturing the right attention should be top of your priority. You don’t have to spend a huge budget to do this, rather you have to maximize the value of the attention you capture. The good thing is that once you capture the attention of your audience, you have captured their loyalty and subsequently their wallet.

Emulate Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is loved and loathed in equal measure. But hate him or love him, you can’t deny the fact that he is a master of his art. He is almost everywhere. His audience finds him everywhere they are. This is what you should strive at, not being everywhere but rather appearing in front of leads that are most relevant to you. Being omnipresent and relevant is a lethal combination that builds trust amongst your audience.

Have more than one platform

In the past there was a tendency to dominate on one platform and purpose your content only for that. This is now not desirable. You need to be on more than one platform. However, do not have the same content across all platforms. Repurpose your content to fit the specific platform you are targeting. Most people are loyal to one platform. For instance, they may be on Facebook and rarely on twitter. You need to get them where they are at.

Avoid the Marketing Funnel

Taking your audience through a step by step process does not work anymore. The audience is more sophisticated and will see what you are trying to do. Most likely your audience has been in a marketing funnel before. They don’t like this. They want more personalized experience; they want to build trust. To stand out from other marketers, aim to understand your audience and their level of awareness and engagement then them with relevant content at the right time.

Invisible ROI

It is tempting to just focus on lead generation and sales as these have a direct impact on the ROI. However, if you look around, you’ll realize that those businesses that are more successful invest a lot in the invisible ROI such as brand awareness and brand loyalty. They nurture their audience to build their trust.

It is not always east to keep up with all the new digital marketing trends. However, if you are in business you don’t have an option to keep up. Succeeding at digital marketing is all about keeping up with the trends. Do not be afraid to experiment something you haven’t done before.

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