With so many distractions in your daily life, keeping yourself focused while working through that never-ending to-do list can be tough at the best of times. The below tips can help you keep focused throughout the day and night;

Work in Chunks: The brain can only stay attentive for 60-90 minutes at a time. The work needs to be broken up into small pieces, so that it becomes manageable, but also rewarding when you get to the end of every 60-90 minutes.

Reward Yourself: Once a task gets completed, treat yourself to a quick scroll on Facebook, grab a coffee or read an article that you’ve been saving – limit your break time so you don’t lose momentum.

Press Play: It has been proven that listening to music relaxes you, keeps you focused and provides a strong creativity boost. Get your favourite playlist pumping and watch your productivity soar!

Go Incognito: Eliminate distractions completely – turn off you phone and log out of your social media accounts. The less distractions you have the more focus you’ll have on the task at hand.

Feel the Passion!: Make sure you’re doing what you love. If you’re excited about the work ahead, you won’t feel the need to constantly check what’s in the fridge or what your friends are up to on Facebook.

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