The real estate market is buzzing with active buyers. To promote your property, you can post good pictures of it online. However, a video makes a more impactful impression by giving an actual feel of the house. The following tips can help you make an impressionable video of your property.


Choosing the right time

The lighting in the house should be bright enough to make it look welcoming. Open the windows as natural light provides the best conditions. Choose a day with the right weather with the sun shining. A cloudy day will make the photos look gloomy and dark. Do not shoot at night.



Declutter your property to sell it faster and at a better price! Make space around the house. Remove excessive decorations and arrange the furniture. Clean the house, shut the closet doors and toilet lids, smoothen out the bed sheets and fluff the couch pillows. Make the house look welcoming and a place the buyer will want to live in. Do not let the viewer get distracted from the house to the decorative items. Remember, you want them to see and buy your house, not the flower vase.


Plan the shots

Look and walk around the house to plan how your shots will go. Try to bring attention to the special features of the house. Move around a room to select the right spot, which will make the room look bigger and better. Exterior shots do not need to be emphasized as much as the interiors. Do not shoot insides of closets until they are impressively huge. Figure out the right camera angles and positions without rushing into just completing the video.

Fisheye lenses can be tempting to make the spaces look bigger. But even the viewer will know it’s an illusion. Try to stick to primary wide-angle lenses (18mm – 55mm) and capture normal views of rooms.


Aerial shots

Having a drone shot can improve the quality of your video by a great margin. If you have access to one, do not hesitate to use it. Make the shots sliding from left to right or zooming in from the street. A bird’s eye view at the starting or end can be really impressive.



Videos look good only if they are worked upon by good editing. The correct transitions, light settings, background music, are some of the key elements that determine the entire feel of a video. You could use software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut or Pinnacle Studio to edit the video or take help from a professional.


Always remember to take that extra step to capture your property in the best way possible. Videos are one of the best ways to attract buyers by making your Real Estate look more authentic. Get professional videos done by one of the best in real estate photography. has multiple services for you to choose from, like Video Editing, Slideshows, Motion Pictures (animate a photo with a fireplace, water, etc…), . So, make your choice and have a stellar impact with the property listing.

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