Current mobile photography technology proves that you don’t need pricy equipment to take remarkable pictures. Modern smartphone cameras make high quality photos so attainable–shoot your photos on the go with these tips:

Natural Light
When you shoot indoors, bring as much cheer as possible to your photos from open windows and sunlight flooding in.

Stage Your Set – Always
Pay as much attention to your set as with a professional shoot. Remove all clutter and personal items. Also, don’t ‘date’ the photos by leaving seasonal decorations – you want the potential buyer to feel they’re seeing fresh images.

Wide Angle Shots
Wide angles provide more depth to a property while focusing on the compelling features. Large spaces benefit most from wide-angle shots. You can increase the depth of field with your smartphone settings or buy a small lens.

Shooting in landscape (with the phone horizontal) gives a wider photograph and gets you closer to the wide-angle shots you could shoot on a high-end camera.

Blending Exposures
A smartphone may result in some images being darker than the rest. To support consistency, download an app that can blend exposures (blending all the colors and lighting options from all the photos). Several one-click editing apps can help you obtain a consistent range of images.

Timing is Everything
The ‘golden hour’ or ‘magic hour’ is the time of day when the sun is close to the horizon. This light provides soft yet bright light with a perfect exposure that even a lower resolution phone camera can capture.

Point of View
Because you’re mobile, you’ll easily find the best position in each room to provide the best perspective. People respond well to pictures that give a sense of walking through the home.
Get a Tripod
The most aggravating aspect of mobile photography is blurry photos. Investing in a small tripod will make your life much easier!

Consistent Artificial Lighting
Natural lighting isn’t always an option, for example, in a basement. Use lightbulbs of the same brand and equal brightness. Avoid using LED, standard and fluorescent light simultaneously.

Say No To the Flash
A mobile camera flash can only make the first few feet of the image brighter. Even with technological advancements, it’s best to avoid the flash entirely.

Refocus Tap
You can activate the refocus by tapping the screen once. Focus the lens on a small item, tap your screen once in the farthest point of the room to ensure the entire space is in focus.

Create Depth
You can quickly create more depth in your pictures by getting higher and pointing the phone down for bold and vibrant images.

We’ve all seen the ‘selfie snafus’ online. Don’t photograph yourself accidentally!

Avoid The Street
Realtors will agree that the street in exterior shots removes the homely impression of a property. Crop out the road to ensure a clean image.

Keep It Real
Finally, remember that real estate photographs aim to sell. At all costs, avoid unprofessional filters or mobile tools. Make sure you have your images professionally edited through’s image enhancement serice. We apply a 20-step process to ensure your real estate photos are looking their best, every time!

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