Virtual Staging for Real Estate Sales and Rentals


Virtual staging is the practice of placing furniture and accessories in an empty home using specialized software. The practice of staging has been done for a long time. A seller would normally hire a stager who will physically bring furniture and other accessories to a homeand have some photographs taken. This is expensive and time-consuming. With virtual staging, all you need is to have pictures of the property taken, then have virtual furniture renders added to each room.

Staged homes sell faster and at a higher amount than those which are not staged. There’s a clear benefit of hiring virtual staging service for your properties. The cost-effectiveness, ability to use the most recent décor and current furnishings, the time needed are just some of the benefits.

Compare two properties, one vacant with no furnishings while the other all dressed up with beautiful décor and modern furnishings. Which is likely to attract more potential clients? Of course, it’s the dressed up one. You are also likely to command higher rental fees.

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One question that many people ask is, do potential client feel shortchanged after finding an empty home while the photos showed beautiful furnishings? The simple answer is no. Most of them didn’t have a problem with this. They are interested in the home. The furnishings give them an idea of what the house can look like. They are able to dream about their future home. The photos are just for illustration purposes. If the customers ask you where the furniture is, tell them they were digitally staged. What you need to makes sure is that the features of the home are as advertised. Do not alter images to fix a potential problem. This will not go down well. The things that are permanent in the house are what the customer is most interested in.

When viewing a home online, potential home buyers will rely on photos. This is what piques their interest to a particular property over another. With this in mind, you virtually staged photos need to look as realistic as possible. Any poorly done work will do more harm than good. Always hire the best virtual stager you can find. Our virtual staging software and expertise makes sure we provide realistic furnishings that are proportionate and well oriented.

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